Founder of "Watno Dur"

Sukhi Nijjar

Sukhi Nijjar – The founder and backbone of "WATNO DUR" has a long list of achievements accredited to him. Being a thought provoking writer and lyricist himself, his flair for art motivates him into creating newer avenues of multicultural media all across the world.

His informal style, command and understanding of the Punjabi language and literature and above all his great sense of humor is what makes him so lovable and popular amongst his countless friends and admirers. With his flair for hard work, dedication, excellent networking skills and above all, his confidence in himself, he is all set to create a much bigger platform for himself.

Man with Vision

Mr. Sukhi Nijjar
Founder of “WATNO DUR


Sukhi Nijjar was born and brought up in a small Village Powar (15 km away from jalandhar city), Distt Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Sukhi Nijjar’s initial years were not very happening. At a very young age, his father had passed away and his mother braved all odds to give him a normal childhood.


He got primary education from Lalliankalan (Distt. Jalandhar).By the time he finished his schooling from the village, he had developed a keen interest in sports and athletics. He qualified and joined the Sports School and College in Jalandhar and completed his high school education.

Good Sportsman

His love for sports and sportsmen continues till today and he is actively involved with many NRI’s sports clubs and associations that promote rural games especially kabbadi. He won many medals and awards at the state and the National level in the stream of Shot put event. Awards in Shot put: Junior India record holder ,Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar Champion, Punjab School Gold Medalist.

Moved to Canada

As has been a craze amongst the Punjabis, Sukhi also had a dream of settling abroad. After his marriage, he migrated to Canada in the early 90’s. “The initial years were full of struggle as my wife and I really toiled hard to meet both ends.” recalls Sukhi Nijjar. “But those were the learning years that shaped my thinking and made me determined to come up and do something better in life”.


After moving to Canada, a lucky break came when he got a chance to host a talk show on radio. The shows went off very well and thus began his association with the entertainment media. A keen observer and a quick learner, he picked up the intricacies of the media business and soon he started his own media and events company called "Watno Dur " . Under this he started hosting and producing a weekend television show that became an instant hit amongst the Punjabi community settled across Canada. And there has been no looking back since then. Today his show is the first choice to reach out to the Punjabi Diaspora in Canada. He has emerged as a key promoter of many cultural and entertainment stage shows of Bollywood stars, Pollywood stars and top Punjabi artistes all across North America and Canada.


The Punjabi community happens to have amongst the largest number of settlers in CANADA and this colorful progamme is designed towards bringing the entire community together. We Indians, have always been known for our intelligence, hard work and dedication all over the world. Even after being so far away from our homeland, we always dignify ourselves with our vast culture and patriotism. "WATNO DUR" is our gratitude towards these expressions - our aim is to give VISION to the same.

Sukhi Nijjar Interview with Gurdas Maan | Promo