Miss Canada Punjaban is another national level event that WatnoDur , an introduced for the first time for women. It is a part of Miss WORLD PANJABAN( a unique Beauty Pageant based on Punjabi tradition, folklore and culture organized by the cultural organization SabhyacharakSathhPunjab (Regd.)

Miss CANADA PANJABAN® is a Beauty Pageant with a difference, as it does not display beauty of women in absolute vulgarity. The promoter of this unique Pageant believes that beauty of a woman is divine & thus she should not be made to walk shamelessly on the ramp with scantly clad revealing attire. Instead her beauty which includes her lovely thoughts, her cultural values and virtues along with the sharpness of her mind should be brought to the fore in the most admiring manner and it is the duty of every concerned Punjabi wherever he is residing in this world to do so. Miss CANADA PANJABAN® is thus a unique contest, which covers all the above aspects and thus excels in portraying the lovely and beautiful goddess “The Woman ” with complete respect, dignity & elegance in front of the whole world. To organize a Beauty Pageant with such a wide difference was thus a great step ever undertaken by anyone in the history of India, a lot many people have been since following and copying the ideas promoted by the organizers of this event but without its originality.