"Teeyan Da Mela"is one of the "Canadian Largest mega Event" that "Watno Dur" organizes every year since 2004 on mother's day."Teeyan Da Mela" is a complete event only for ladies. It is the famous Indian Tradition and we are keeping it alive every year by our efforts and support of our proud sponsors.

Old Tradition : Teeyan is about happiness, prosperity and well-being. It is very pious and ominous festival for Indian Women where newly married and young unmarried women gather together to celebrate the beginning of rainy season.

Teeyan (Punjabi: ਤੀਆਂ) is the women's dance festival of the Punjab region. Giddha can be seen at its best during the celebrations. Celebrated in the month of Sawan when the days of summer have grown longer and hotter, the dancing usually takes place on the bank of some river or pond under big shady trees. Swings are thrown over the branches and the singing, swinging and dancing starts to the melodies that fill the air.

Keeping in mind the same old tradition of Teej or Teeyan, Watno Dur makes a humble effort each year to celebrate this women festival of happiness. It has been organized from last so many years in Powerade Centre in Brampton. Approximately, 10,000 to 12,000 Ladies of every age group gather there to celebrate Teeyan and dance in joy. The event is itself a complete entertainer as we have all the arrangements for our guests to have a good time. Following are some highlights of the Event :

  • Reputed and Well Known singers from around the world. Almost every big star has showed his/her presence on the event in past years ranging from folk and traditional singers to Pop and young new talent has performed on the huge stage of Teeyan Da Mela.
  • Stalls for various items related to ladies are there to create an environment of fair. Stalls are of garments, make up items, traditional wear etc. by our various reputed boutiques and other businesses.
  • Food stalls are also there to cater to their physical appetite.
  • There are also booths by various social organizations to create awareness in women.
  • On the same day We distribute 20,000 copies Of "Teeyan Da Mela" magazine. This particular publication intends to offer the readers with important information about the community, as well as our proud sponsors, and keeps you informed about the various events organized by "Watno Dur" team around the year.

Canadian Prime Minister THE Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper Statement :

"Teeyan Da Mela" gives Canadians who trace their roots to the Punjab region of India an opportunity to celebrate their unique cultural traditions. It is fitting that these festivities, which bring so many women together, are being held on Mother's Day, when Canadian recognize and honour mothers for the contributions to the family and society."